The medieval warehouse building – a 17-th century architectural monument – appears to be one of rare Riga Downtown buildings with retained inspiration of initial origin. As a result of reconstruction finished in 2011 a compromise has been found between historic appeals and modern needs. Refined details that pay respect to the roughness of original substance, and skilfully used lighting are things that characterize this renovation project. Metal staricase is a functional sculpture with geometry precisely integrated in the building’s irregular forms. Lift glazing helps to maintain a sense of a visually united space. Despite the seemingly introvert air about the building and invisibility of renovation form the outside, architects strived to find an organic link with the city. Ground floor has seen most transformations: original floor height was preserved at the room’s deepest end, forming a paved street – level gallery along outside wall. The six level (777 m2) building has become universal space for shops, art gallery or office premises. Upper levels with roof terraces are suitable for apartments.

„Thoughtful and brave renovation. Refined result, in spite of limited budget. The sensitiveness of new details adapts to the existing building, resulting in apparent acupunctural renovation. Barely visible from outside, renovation offers flexible interior spaces for tenants.”

/National Latvian architecture Award 2011, International jury/

Architecture – SIA ''Arhitektes Lienes Griezītes studija'', SIA ''Sudraba Arhitektūra''. 

Architects: Liene Griezīte, Līga Apine, Reinis Liepiņš, Aiga Rozentāle, Kārlis Līcis, Roberts Valdmanis.