Kimmel quarter historical value hides not only in buildings, but also in existing building composition – because layout and functions of buildings completely reflects cycle of beer production in 19th-20th century (grain winnowing–grain dryer room–brewing–filling–storage–barrel washing etc.).

Key figure in the story is building 004 – previous grain winnowing building, as thought insignificant 2-storey volume with 3 arches in the middle of the courtyard (presumably the only example of the Italian winery industry architecture in Latvia). However it is depicted in all historical images, and together with chimney has become a Kimmel landmark. Therefore we developed evolution of the project throught this building and connected all buildings in one chain.

Picture shows Kimmel courtyard. To the left – main production block, then famous building 004 with 3 arches , further glazed volume with exhibited historical roof constructions of building 005 (rised on higher level). As a result large green house – event space is formed on the 2nd floor. On the right side – existing building at Valdemāra street with the new expressive ZHA volume on the roof.

Kimmel Quarter spacious Event hall on the 2nd floor with preserved woden and brick constructions of Grain winnowing building. Space as a connecting element between two large factory buildings. Industrial Shed - Orangery in the city center.

Another reconstruction idea - Daylight opening throught 4 existing arched basements. In basement spaces - galleries/ shops/ cafes.

Beer museum in existing barrel storage/ wine cellar space. At the end of the room there is a elevation at the height of the original room, ensuring the daylight and display of the arches of the building 005.

Historical beer production technology and Kimmel quarter buildings in the production chain.